Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a NOE card cost?

Depending on your level of subscription, the NOE card can be included in your membership and is not subject to any extra cost such as annual administration fees. The card is shipped by DHL Express Global shipping.

How do I get a metal card?

NOE offers different types of debit cards depending on your membership level. Limitless and Timeless memberships come with limited edition aluminum cards .You can upgrade your membership level at any time within the app or via the customer support.

Can I spend different currencies with my cards?

Your NOE card has a base currency, i.e. if you select a USD card the base currency will be in that currency (USD). If you use your card to make a purchase in a different currency, the merchant will be paid in that currency. The funds will automatically be exchanged from USD into any of the 150+ different currencies supported by the card using competitive exchange rates.

Can I spend my digital currencies with the NOE card?

The NOE account allows you to quickly convert digital currencies in your wallet to traditional currency. You can add these funds to your NOE card and spend the money online, in-stores, restaurants, cafes, shops, transport and anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments.

How do I find my pin number?

NOE will deliver your card by Express Global DHL. Once you receive your card you will need to activate it within the app. Once activated, you will be able to obtain your pin number from within the app.

Can I use NOE as my main account?

Yes, NOE was created to save you time and money by combining payments and concierge services in one account. You can have your salary paid into your account, transfer funds around the world and pay bills. You can also purchase crypto currencies and spend your money with the NOE metal cards, anywhere in the world.

How do I open an account?

Opening a NOE account is very quick and easy. You can register online with your computer. The registration process is split into three areas: • Personal details: Basic information about you • Membership plans: We have four membership types to choose from: NOE, Evolution, Limitless and Timeless. To see full details of each plan please see our fees page. • Identity Verifications: You will be required to scan in a photo of your government ID, such as your Passport or your Driving license and to take a selfie. Once approved, your accounts are automatically created, and you will get access to all the NOE services. A NOE debit card can then directly be ordered from your private and secured space.

How long does a bank transfer take?

We offer regular bank transfers which can take two to three days to appear in your account. We also offer expedited payments that can arrive within 24hours (depending on currency and location).

How quickly can I purchase Crypto?

The purchase of any of the nine Cryptocurrencies within the NOE app/portal is almost instantaneous. You can perform these transactions online or via the app. One simple rate for buying or selling crypto with fees from 0.5%.

How does the concierge service work?

As a concierge and lifestyle management service, we want to make your life run effortlessly. We use our in-depth knowledge, experience and contacts to source the best products and services for you. We can save you time money and frustration by helping you plan, design or organise virtually any event or activity. Our network has been built over many years so we can give you access to many products and services at exclusively low rates, potentially saving you thousands every year.

How can do I make a request?

Simply contact our concierge through the NOE app and desktop portal where you can send a request directly to the team. Alternatively, you can email your request or use the chat service within the app. Please email your request to contact@noe-global.com.

Is the concierge service separate from the crypto and traditional currency accounts?

No, NOE membership gives you access to all financial products and services, as well as the concierge team. NOE is designed to make your life easier by merging an alternative bank account that accommodates both crypto and traditional currencies, with lifestyle services and rewards.

What services do members use most often?

We accommodate a large variety of requests, from sourcing a present for a child’s birthday to hiring a Super Yacht for a trip in the Mediterranean. Private jets, business class flights and holiday/hotel bookings are high on the list of the most used services. There are very few requests that we can’t fulfill, so we welcome them all.

When is my referral commission paid?

Once your referral becomes an active member of NOE (to become an active member the referee must have selected and paid their membership fees and passed the KYC), you will become eligible for your commission payment. It will be paid 15 days after the referral becomes an active member of NOE.

Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?

No, you can refer as many people as you like. Unlike other reward programs, we do not place unreasonable restrictions to limit your payments. The more you refer the more commissions you get.

Do you have a professional affiliate programme that I can sign-up to?

Yes, we have a special offer for professional companies who are not members and are able to refer large amounts of traffic and new members. Please enquire via contact@noe-global.com and a member of the team will get back to you to get more informations.

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